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Marie-Claire_27B-1024x682Marie-Claire is an engaging speaker who has the rare ability to get people thinking about the concepts she shares for days after the event.  Her information-packed, visually oriented presentations enthrall a variety of audiences from front-line employees, right through to managers, senior executives, and CEOs.

If you want a motivational leadership speaker, for you next conference, management/executive meeting, webinar or workshop, or even a key note, it’s easy.



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Delivering Leadership Results Through Trust

In today’s rapidly changing world, leaders with a good grasp of trust – who know how to judge it, build it and rely on it – have an enormous competitive edge.

In this interactive talk, Marie-Claire will walk through a decision to trust framework. You will learn:

  • The business case for trust.
  • How to evaluate how to improve trust with individuals, teams and organisations.
  • Strategies on how to build trust.

Six Steps to Creating a High-Trust Culture

How do companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Atlassian build highly functional and cohesive cultures even with tremendous workforce growth?

Through embedding high levels of trust throughout their organisation.

Discover six important steps to creating a high-trust culture that produce a collaborative, productive and fun work environment for everyone.

7 Leadership Behaviours to Build and Restore Trust

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King have in common?

Followers who trusted them implicitly. High-trust leaders easily generate commitment and enthusiasm towards a new company vision or strategy. Discover the most important seven trust behaviours to improve your leadership ability.

Marie-Claire will also custom fit your presentation and tailor-fit to the needs of your audience, upon request.

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Speaking Experience

  • SMART Supply Chain & Logistics Conference, Sydney, March 2017.
  • Australian Institute of Architects, Melbourne Office, August 2016, Seminar/workshop presenter “Creating a Great Workplace.”
  • AusFenEx16 (Glass Industry), Gold Coast Conference and Exhibition Centre (August 2016) – Presented “Improving Profitability: How a Lack of Organisational Trust Increases Costs and Decreases Speed.”
  • Leaders in Technology, Webinar, August 2016, “Leading with Trust: How Top Leaders Deliver Faster Results, Increase Collaboration and Improve Profitability.”
  • Total Facilities, Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre, (April 2016 – Presented seminar titled “4 Steps to Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace”).
  • International Association of Business Communicators, RMIT, (February 2016), “From Betrayal to Trust: Why Trust is the New Currency in Communication.”
  • AIM Leadership Series, Marriott Hotel, Melbourne, (February 2016) – Panelist on improving corporate culture.
  • CEO and Executive roundtables, Botanical Hotel, Melbourne, Monthly – I have been recruiting both CEOs and executives on a monthly basis and presenting information to them, as well as facilitating in-depth discussions. Talks include “Staying Connected: 4 Steps to Improving Communication with Employees” and “Improving Profitability: 4 Steps to Improving Trust.”
  • 2nd Occupational Health and Safety Symposium, Doha, Qatar, 5th November, 2014 – This was to 200 employees at Hamad Medical Corporation. The safety communication presentation was the highest rated by participants out of all the talks.
  • Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) – December, 2014. Conducted a half day workshop on safety communication for occupational hygienists.
  • American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), Boston Chapter Live Webinar, 8th December, 2014
  • American Society of Safety Engineers Training Division, 15th April, 2015
  • Two live in-house webinars with 800 people subscribing and then 500 watching either live or the replay
  • The CEO Institute
  • Southern Safety Group, Western Safety Group, Central Safety Group


Comments that have been made by those undertaking her presentations include:

“Marie-Claire produced a clear and thoughtful presentation on creating a high trust culture which was supported with useful data. Participants really valued her advice and guidance – a relevant, interesting session enjoyed by all.”

The Royal Australian Institute of Architects Ltd

“Marie-Claire presented a webinar to our Leader in Technology members on how to build and lead with trust. Her content set off lots of little light bulbs in people’s heads and really got us all thinking in a new direction. Feedback from our members was very positive. She worked with us beforehand to promote the event and we will definitely get her to speak again. Marie-Claire is an ideal presenter for those who want someone to disrupt old leadership ways of thinking and behaving.”

Graeme Isaacs, CEO, leaders of Technology

“Marie-Claire’s presentation on “4 Steps to creating a mentally healthy workplace” as part of Total Facilities’ seminar program was really great.  Her session attendance was at 90% capacity and we were really happy with the quality of her presentation.  Afterwards, many of the delegates came up to us to say how informative the session was.  We would definitely have Marie-Claire back to talk and we recommend her as a speaker to anyone wanting an engaging, thought-provoking presenter.” Helen Williams, Marketing Manager, Diversified Communications Australia

“You get invited to lots of things.  I’m careful with what I say “yes” to.  But the roundtable was very worthwhile.  I really liked hearing other people’s challenges and the questions that were asked really helped you focus on what you need to think about in your business.”  Marcus Simkin, CEO, Myriad IT.

“The workshop was well-constructed and I picked up some useful tools in relation to AURA. The exercises were engaging and the presenter was very knowledgeable with lots of experience” Attendee at AIOH workshop

“Good clear points.  Good research data. Good examples.” Alison Hunt-Sturman, Faculty OHSE Manager, University of Melbourne

“Easy to understand and listen to” Cameron Cranstoun, HSE Manager, The Bayside Group

Thank you for your time and hints, the hour went very quickly, as Marie-Claire, you were very engaging and the program easy to listen to but certainly thought provoking.  Very worthwhile session.”  Darren Forester, Safety Manager, Rivalea

Very helpful content and very down to earth. Expanded my mind and understanding.” Feedback received from a CEO at CEO Institute.


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