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Management teams are vital to an organisation’s success.


Not only do they provide strategic and operational leadership, but how they interact sets the cultural tone for your organisation.

To stay relevant, an organisation must adapt and change. Otherwise, they’re at risk of becoming stagnant and being left behind – losing customers, market share and high performing employees. 

To grow an organisation means your executive team must grow and learn as well.

Typically, stagnant leadership teams have executives:

❌ Operating in their comfort zone, setting low accountability metrics and not pushing themselves or their team.


❌ Being siloed in their approach and are more focused on their own individual areas rather than having an enterprise wide perspective.


❌ Disengaged from the strategic direction and tend to communicate it poorly to their team.


❌ Lacking focus and rarely contributing new ideas or challenge one another’s viewpoints.

We understand how frustrating this can be for CEOs who thrive on energy and momentum.  

That’s why we work with CEOs and their executive teams using our proven proprietary framework.

With our customised process, we take your leadership team on a journey, so that:

✅ Leaders are committed to the strategic direction and understand the changes that need to be made.


✅ Leaders work together from an enterprise wide perspective, rather than pushing their own agenda.


✅ Leaders finally start talking about the difficult stuff, so that they communicate their concerns, share issues and work through them together to find solutions.

The outcome is that you, the CEO, will feel:

✅ EMPOWERED that stagnant leadership thinking has been disrupted. The result being improved focus, accountability and direction with your team.

✅ MORE ENGAGED when you see your team energised and aligned, all working together to advance your organisation forward.


Our Proprietary Framework

The SUCCEeD Together Trust Framework® covers six essential trust drivers that leaders need to focus on to build trust – in teams, with individuals and the organisation. It provides a strong foundation to identify and apply a range of customised approaches for building and maintaining trust.

To optimise your leadership team, we work with you to customise an initial awareness building workshop to ensure it helps your leaders on the first step of their journey towards high performance.

After all, you can’t improve performance if leaders believe that everything is fine.

Discover more about our workshops and tap into the power of our SUCCEeD Together® model to give you a strong framework for identifying, understanding, discussing and improving workplace trust.

SUCCEeD Together Trust Framework® Senior Leadership Team workshops


6 Reasons why You Need to SUCCEeD Together®


Your management team doesn’t think they have a problem

Undertaking an assessment as a group, where only the CEO is singled out (who needs to model the ability to be vulnerable and being open to being challenged), provides leaders with a sense of safety. Furthermore, data-driven leaders who often find it difficult to see the need for change can be persuaded when hard data is presented to them.


The strengths and weaknesses of your leadership team are unclear

It can be very difficult for a group to be able to describe how they work together, as well as what’s working and what’s not. Just like fish don’t know they’re swimming in water, leaders often aren’t aware about what behaviours are pulling down the team’s performance.


No-one is listening or caring about each other

It’s difficult to talk about trust internally when there are problems. An outside perspective provides credibility and a proven approach to fully explore hidden issues. Not only that an external viewpoint provides you with insights and observations that are hard to see when you’re living in them everyday.


We are too busy/too KPI driven to talk about trust

Some leaders get uncomfortable with the word ‘trust.’ All of our workshops are couched in terms that ensure leaders feel they are improving the situation and not being singled out.  Our framework ensures that different levels of trust are explored and discussed in a way that is beneficial to the company.


The workshop is supportive, safe and friendly

We run our workshops so that leaders feel that it is about learning new ideas and tools to help them. Our knowledgeable facilitators focus on business context, management team best practices and benchmarking to similar sized business, so leaders can understand the need for change.


It’s all about tools to help leaders, not about theory

A lot of complaints about other trust frameworks are that they are great in theory, but no actionable tools are provided. Leaders often get overwhelmed trying to work out implementation.  In our workshops, we get leaders to work through an action plan so that they are solution focused and walk away with a range of tools to use straight away. 


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