What We Do

We help medium and large sized companies solve the issue that the people management skills that have got them to where they are now won’t get them to the future.


To meet today’s tricky business challenges, requires leaders with sophisticated skills in fostering innovation, inspiring others and generating employee contributions. 

But how capable is your organisation when it comes to people leadership skills?  

According to an EY Global Leadership study, the number one concern for 64% of CEOs is developing “next-gen” leaders, in order to attract and retain top talent to execute on strategy.  

Strategy is worthless without the right people to execute it.  Yet, only 42% of HR leaders say the quality of their leadership is high.

Why is Building Trust so Important Today? 

The strongest causal factor of engagement and high performance is when employees trust their immediate manager and the company at large.

According to Great Places to Work Institute, companies that get this right achieve 13.3% median year over year company revenue growth versus 4.3% for companies in the low trust quartile.  

The driving factor behind creating high performing workplaces is to actually improve the trust levels between leaders and employees and between the organisation and employees at large.

What Needs to Change?

Highly competent technical people are the ones often promoted to management or leadership positions.  Unfortunately, technical proficiency is all about delivering individual results.  It’s not about having the right skills or mindset to foster innovation, collaboration, and inspiring others.  

Few leaders are aware of how their behaviours reduce trust with those around them.  Worst of all, even fewer are taught how to strategically build, judge and rely on trust.  The most important underlying skill for employee engagement and building high performing teams.

Mastering Six Building Blocks of Trust to Engage Employees

The good news is that a leader’s ability to get things done through others can be taught.

At Trustologie, we help medium and large companies close the people leadership skills gap, to increase their ability to collaborate, openly discuss tricky issues and improve team performance by anywhere from 29 to 67%.

Our proprietary SUCCEeD Together Trust FrameworkTM is based on six essential building blocks of trust that help leaders focus on the right management practices to build collaborative, high functioning teams.  To solve tricky business challenges requires harnessing the collective intelligence of your workforce.  But a traditional focus on individual results gets in the way of people working together for the good of the group.  In other words, succeeding together, rather than in a siloed, competitive manner.

Trust is a big topic.  Rather than waste time fixing irrelevant symptoms, our framework ensures that you more efficiently pinpoint 1-2 of your lowest-rating trust factors and then plan the right interventions to give you the biggest boost to performance.  

Trustologie has the Expertise and Tools

Since 2006, Marie-Claire Ross the founder of Trustologie has been helping medium and large leaders diagnose and build trust and influence through solid communication frameworks.  This includes the Transform your Safety Communication book.  Marie-Claire has helped hundreds of companies through consulting, training, coaching and speaking, as well as developing an extensive trust leadership video library.  If you’d like to know how Marie-Claire can help you boost the next-generation capabilities of your organisation, please call on 03 9696 4400 or email support@trustologie.com.au